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We all want our children to be happy, successful, safe and valued at school. They appreciate and respond well to clear guidance, good structures and routines that aid their learning. The staff at Holy Family work hard to provide the stability and consistency needed in their lessons, they will give our children the greatest opportunities to succeed. However, sometimes things go wrong. Mistakes can be made. Misunderstandings can happen. In a school environment, where hundreds of people are living and working together, not everything will always work perfectly. As a school, we are very aware of the importance of communication and clear messages given. If, for any reason, you have cause for concern, believe that something is not being done to your satisfaction, or even feel that you are not properly informed – please tell us!

An early meeting will often stop a build-up of concerns becoming a more difficult problem to resolve.

The headteacher will deal with most complaints, but from time to time, some complaints may need to be referred to the governing body.

A copy of the complaints procedures is available from the school office and can also be downloaded here on our Policies page. 

Remember – we have the same ambitions that you have for your children – that they are happy, safe and successful!

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