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Pupil Voice and Leadership

Pupil Voice:

At Holy Family Catholic Primary School, we fully value the voice of our pupils and the important contributions they make to their school and school life. We encourage our children to be confident, to have a voice and to feel that their ideas are listened to and valued greatly.

When we have visitors or prospective parents in school, we encourage them to speak to our pupils, in order to allow them to have the best insight into our school life. Our children are happy, confident and well-behaved individuals and we are proud of each and every one of them.

School Council:

Our School Council is the voice of the children at our school.  The role of our School Council is:

  • to represent the views of the children;
  • to raise issues with the adults and tell them about any big problems;
  • to have a say in decisions about things that affect the children at our school; and
  • to play an active part in making our school a better place

At the beginning of the school year, each class from Year 2 to Year 6 elects two pupils from each class to represent the views of the children in their class. The School Council then meets every Wednesday to discuss issues that are important to the children or to provide pupils’ opinions to help our school leadership team make decisions.

Sometimes the children will choose items to be discussed, and sometimes the school leadership team or our school governors will ask that a matter is taken to the School Council so that they can find out what the children think. In recent months, this has included decisions about our school playground, how children would like to celebrate Book Week and fundraise for local charities etc.

We are very proud of our School Council and the important role they play in our school.

Play Leaders:

In our school, some of our Y5 and Y6 pupils have been properly ‘trained’ through the Knowsley Sports Partnership as Play Leaders. They assist the children in Reception, Year One and Year Two in setting up games and activities at lunch times.

Pupil Leadership Groups:

Also in school we have dedicated Pupil Leadership groups who help contribute to the behaviour and safety of our pupils. Children volunteer and offer support during break and lunch times through a variety of roles and responsibilities.

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