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Values, Ethos and Mission Statement

Our Vision:

At Holy Family, we strive to create an environment where only the best is good enough in all that we do. We will achieve this by having high expectations and developing a culture of ambition, challenge and achievement.

Our Mission

As a Catholic school, we place our faith at our core.  We are driven by the knowledge that every human is made in God’s image and likeness and therefore each person in our care deserves the best we can give. It is also our duty as Christians to reach out to our local community and global family, as fellow children of God. 

Our Best Values

Using our drive to be the best we can be, as humans who are made in God’s image, we have key values which help us focus and achieve our mission and vision.

Mission Statement

With Christ at the centre, we live, love and learn together, reaching out to all.

Together, with Jesus, we can do it!

At Holy Family, we aim to live out our values and ethos through our Mission Statement Aims and Objectives.  

With Christ at the centre, we live, love and learn together, reaching out to all.

Having Christ at the centre of all we do by:

  • Modelling Gospel values of truth, friendship, kindness, patience, gentleness, justice, forgiveness, peace, dignity, respect, tolerance and fairness

  • Placing RE at the core of the curriculum

  • Worshipping collectively on a daily basis using a stimulus

  • Developing a sense of awe, wonder and spirituality

  • Attending masses in Church

  • Promoting a Christian moral code for all adults and children to adhere to

  • Supporting the sacramental preparation of First Holy Communion, Reconciliation

  • Celebrating the Sacraments as a parish and a school

  • Studying and aspiring to people who have lead good lives through our Aspire Teams

Enabling all to learn and achieve together by:

  • Offering a fun, broad, balanced and diverse curriculum
  • Recognising every child is made in the image and likeness of God, therefore striving to do our best for every single child
  • Valuing each child’s contributions both individually and through School Council
  • Creating a stimulating and safe learning environment which provides opportunities for all to shine and celebrate success.
  • Enhancing children’s school life by providing educational visits and a residential days for y6
  • Having high expectations for children
  • Providing opportunities and challenge for those children with Special Educational Needs, including Gifted and Talented
  • Encouraging team work in classes, clubs, teams and choir
  • Promoting combined learning for school, parents and children through Family Literacy and Family Numeracy
  • Encouraging the Continuous Professional Development of staff through in-service, courses, CCRS and Leading from the Middle among others

Working in partnership with our families, parish and wider community by:

  • Valuing parents and pupils views and opinions via an annual questionnaire
  • Inviting families and members of the community to school events
  • Inviting members of the parish and local community into school to meet pupils
  • Visiting members of the local community, such as those in care homes
  • Keeping parents well informed through the school website and  a weekly school newsletter
  • Working closely with the other schools in our parish
  • Inviting outside agencies such as  police, fire officers, nurses, dentist and road safety officers to participate in our learning
  • Studying other faiths and cultures
  • Raising money for charity
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