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Breakfast Club

We are pleased to offer parents and children the opportunity to use our Breakfast Club. 

Breakfast club will be for children in Reception to Year 6 at a cost of £2.50 each day made payable via Parent Pay.

Sibling’s rate will be £2.50 for first child and £2 for each subsequent sibling.

Parents need to book their child’s place in advance using our Parent App. We will open the club up at 8am. Parents need to sign their child in at the office and would not be allowed to leave their child on the premises alone any earlier.

Breakfast will consist of cereal, toast, brioche buns, fruit, yogurt and refreshments.

Children would be unable to come into breakfast club after 8:20am so children would need to arrive between 8am and 8:20am in order to access the provision.

Regardless of the time of arrival, the same cost applies.

Parents can book their child’s place as a block to guarantee a place.

There is the option for parents to send children on an ad hoc basis. Eg. Those families who work shifts or a change in circumstances for that morning resulting in a place being needed for breakfast club on that particular day.

If there are any debts of breakfast club fees that exceed one week, parents/carers will be notified that the child’s place at breakfast club will be withdrawn until payment in full is made.

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