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At Holy Family Catholic Primary School, we believe that poor school attendance, and/or regular late arrival, break the continuity of a child’s learning and consequently limits their academic and social progress in school.

Good attendance is directly related to a child’s enjoyment and achievement at school and is vital to promote successful learning. We strive to provide a welcoming and caring environment whereby all members of the school community feel wanted and secure. We all take responsibility for welcoming a child into school and into the classroom, with a smile, whenever they attend.

Persistent or long-term absence has a negative impact in all areas of school life, not just on academic achievement but also on the development of key skills and friendships. Interrupted attendance makes teaching and learning difficult and undermines the educational process leading to educational disadvantage:

We aim to encourage and assist all pupils to achieve excellent levels of attendance and punctuality.


 We aim to:

·         Promote outstanding attendance and punctuality.

·         Ensure that children and parents realise the importance of outstanding attendance and punctuality.

·         Work with parents towards good levels of attendance and punctuality.

·         Take positive action to address any poor attendance or punctuality, using agreed systems.

·         To establish a system of rewards and incentives.

·         To work together with the School Attendance Service and other services or agencies.

The Statutory Framework

Under section 444 of the 1996 Education Act, a pupil is required to attend regularly at the school they are registered at.

The school is obliged by law to differentiate between authorised and unauthorised absence. A letter or telephone message from a parent does not in itself authorise an absence. Only if the school is satisfied as to the validity of the explanation offered by the letter/message will the absence be authorised. In cases of on-going absences, medical evidence may be requested.

All attendance codes are recorded in line with DfE guidelines.


The School Day

Morning registration takes place at 8.55am.

Afternoon registration is at 1:15pm.

Any pupil arriving after the register has been returned to the office will be marked as late. Registers close at 9.30am and any child arriving after this time is treated as being late after registration which is recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Pupil’s arriving later than 8:55am must enter school via the main office.

We expect that all our pupils attend school regularly unless absence is genuinely unavoidable. We also expect them to arrive on time and appropriately prepared for the day.


Authorised Absence

A child’s absence from school will be authorised when:

·         A child cannot attend school due to sickness. Medical evidence may be required if a child is absent long term.

·         A child attends a medical/dental appointment, which has been made unavoidably during school hours.

·         A child has suffered a traumatic event, i.e. a death in the family.

·         A day has been set apart for religious observance by the religious body.


Unauthorised Absence

A child’s absence from school will be unauthorized when:

·         An absence is unexplained by the child’s parents or when the explanation is inadequate.

·         A family holiday is taken.


In order to promote good attendance and punctuality


Holy Family Catholic Primary School considers outstanding attendance and punctuality to be very important. We aim to make attendance and punctuality high profile within school and take the following measures to encourage good attendance and punctuality:


·         Weekly attendance Reward – An announcement is made at Rewards Assembly and on the Newsletter for the class with 100% attendance for that week. They can arrive into school wearing their own clothes the following Friday.

·         100% attendance rewards and certificates to be awarded every half term. Bronze, silver and gold attendance awards, medals given for each award. Bronze- 100% for 1 term, Silver-100% for 2 terms, Gold- 100% for whole year. Easter Eggs and Selection boxes to be rewarded at Easter or Christmas.

·         100% for whole year Gold award and also to receive £5 book voucher.


Procedures for Informing School of Absences


·         Parents must telephone school as early as possible to inform us of absence.

·          Attendance registers are to be checked each day by the Learning Mentor.

·         If an absence is expected to continue beyond three days, parents are asked to maintain regular contact with the school to indicate how long the child is likely to remain absent.

·         When a child returns from an absence, parents should write a note to the teacher explaining the reason for the absence.

·         Parents are asked to ensure that the school office has up to date contact details for parents and carers so that absences may be followed up.

·         If a child has an unexplained absence, the Learning Mentor will then contact the child’s parents by phone as a ‘First Morning Response’ call and will ask for an estimated time of absence. Follow up contact may be necessary if this is exceeded.

·         If a child is on the Child Protection register and has an unexplained absence of more than 2 days, this will be reported to the Headteacher and treated as a Child Protection issue.


Absence Due To Medical Appointments


If a child has an unavoidable medical appointment during school time, a letter explaining the nature of the appointment also including the date and time of the appointment, must be brought into school prior to the appointment.


When Attendance/Punctuality Gives Cause For Concern


When a child’s attendance falls below 90%, or their punctuality becomes a persistent and recognised problem, this gives school cause for concern as it has a detrimental impact upon the progress of the children. The Learning Mentor and School Attendance Officer will become involved and will work appropriately with the child and the family to encourage improvement where possible. 


Click here for our Attendance and Punctuality policy for further information. 

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