Our Staff

Staffing Structure: Roles and Responsibilities:


 Senior Leadership Team:


Mr K Quigley



Providing professional leadership and management of the school through the six domains of excellence (Shaping the Future, Leading Learning and Teaching, Developing self and working with others, managing the organisation, securing accountability and strengthening community)

Performance Management, Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead.


Mrs A Rigby (Deputy Headteacher)


Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Maths Leader.


Miss A Barr (Assistant Headteacher)


Curriculum, Pupil Premium and English Leader


Teaching Staff and Middle Leadership Team (TLR Holders)


Mrs C Davey

Yr 4D 


RE Leader


Mrs E Davies

Yr 5/6 (0.6) 


SEND Leader


Miss J Wiggins

Yr 1W


Foundation Stage and Transition Leader

Teaching Staff and Curriculum Subject Leaders:


Mrs E Suhail

Yr 5S


PE Leader


Mrs L Macaulay (Maternity Leave)


MFL Leader


Mrs J Faulkner

Yr 3/4FM


Geography Leader


Miss S Monaghan (Maternity Leave)

Yr 3M 


Science Leader


Miss A O’Neill

Yr 2ON 


History and Computing Leader


Miss L Jones

Yr 1/2J


D and T Leader


Miss R Donohue

Rec D


Art Leader


Mr T Hornby

Rec H 


Maternity Cover 


Miss P Mottram

Nursery (0.6) 


RWI Phonics and Library Leader


Miss H Kendall

Nursery (0.6)


Music and Speech/Language Leader


Mrs C Nisbet

Yr 3M 


Maternity Cover


Support Staff:


Mrs D Reeves

Learning Mentor, Deputy Safeguarding Lead, PSHCE, School Council and PPA Cover


Miss C Reynolds

PPA cover and Teaching Assistant - Year 1/2


Miss H Farrelly

Teaching Assistant – Nursery


Miss E Baker

Teaching Assistant – Reception


Ms N Claro


Teaching Assistant – Reception

Mrs M Abraham


Teaching Assistant - Year 1


Mrs M Taylor

Teaching Assistant - Year 2


Mrs D Owens

Teaching Assistant - Year 3


Mrs V Wah

Teaching Assistant - Year 3/4


Mrs S Bates

Teaching Assistant - Year 4


Mrs D Powell

Teaching Assistant - Year 5


Ms J Bird

Teaching Assistant – Year 5 


Mrs K Allport

Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6


Office Staff:

Mrs J Wall


Business Manager, Health and Safety, Premises and Midday Supervisors

Mrs S Corker


Admin Assistant – Overseeing school office and Photocopying


Site Manager:


Mr A Howard


Site Manager, Premises and Cleaning Staff


Kitchen Staff:


Mrs P Ryan



Mrs. P. Beddows

Assistant Cook


Mrs. P. Singh

Assistant Cook


Mrs. C. Smith

Assistant Cook


Midday Supervisors:


Miss A Lally


Midday Supervisor

Miss H Parker

Midday Supervisor


Mrs B Beatty

Midday Supervisor


Mrs C Flynn

Midday Supervisor


Miss N Shannon

Midday Supervisor


Mrs L Heague

Midday Supervisor


Miss L Loyden


Midday Supervisor

Miss M Kelly

Midday Supervisor


Cleaning Staff:


Ms. L. Loyden


Cleaning Staff: Foundation Stage


Mrs. P. Ryan


Cleaning Staff: Staffroom/Offices/ Reception Area/ Yr 3 Classroom


Mrs. C. Ellis


Cleaning Staff: Yr 1W, Yr 1/2J, Yr 5/6R and Yr 5/6B Classrooms


Mrs. C. Smith


Cleaning Staff: Yr 2ON, Yr 3/4D, Yr 3/4MC and Yr 5S Classrooms






  • Holy Family Catholic Primary School
  • Arncliffe Road
  • Halewood
  • Liverpool
  • L25 9PA
  • United Kingdom
  • Tel: 0151 282 8971
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