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‘Fun Friday’ Assemblies:

This assembly is the highlight of the week where the whole school gather, celebrate and laugh. Children are rewarded for excellent work, behaviour and living out our school values. The weekly awards assembly showcases good learning and behaviour and all children and staff look forward to this celebration. Children who receive certificates and rewards have their photograph taken, and then this is displayed.

Each week, teachers will award children with 2 certificates: Golden Table Certificate and Best Seats in the House Certificate, as well as the Dojo Certificate. These will recognise children’s achievements, attitudes, behaviour etc throughout the week. Class teachers will keep a log of all the winners each week so that winners can be monitored throughout the year.


‘Golden Table’ Certificate:

Winners will sit at the Golden Table every Friday for lunch time and will be able to choose a friend to celebrate with them. They will have access to plates and cutlery and will be served by Yr 6 monitors/dinner staff. The children will also be provided with cordial drinks. Packed lunch winners will sit at the Golden table too if they win. 


‘Best Seats in the House’ Certificate:

Children will sit in the ‘Best Seats in the House’. Winning children will be provided with toast and cordial drinks whilst watching the rest of the assembly.


Dojo Certificate/House Points:

Throughout the day, teachers award children with ‘Dojos’. These can be awarded for a number of reasons such as lovely manners, always ready to begin lessons, helpful, etc At the end of the week, the child in each class with the highest number of Dojos is the winner and will receive a certificate.

At Holy Family, we have 4 House Teams: Almond (Red), Arrowsmith (Blue), Barlow (Green) and Rigby (Yellow). When a child enters Reception, they are assigned to their ‘house’. The child with the winning number of Dojos for each class then has their total Dojo points converted to House Points

At the end of the assembly, the winning house will receive a plaque which will be added to our House Point Board. The winning house at the end of each term will be rewarded with 30 minutes extra play time and the ‘House Point’ trophy.


Aspire Teams and Certificates:

Aspire certificates are given by children to other children throughout the school. Each KS2 child is in an Aspire Group who meet once per term to discuss their team’s value. Aspire Certificates are given to award values of ‘equality’, ‘love’, ‘justice’, ‘peace’, ‘selflessness’ and ‘truth’.    

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