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The importance of the Key Person in Nursery and Reception

The importance of the Key Person in Nursery and Reception (Foundation Stage)

It is a fact that children thrive from a base of loving and secure relationships. This is normally provided by a child’s parents or carers but it can also be provided by a key person. A key person is a named member of staff with responsibilities for a group of children who helps those children in the group feel safe and cared for. We recognise this role to be an important one and works successfully in our Nursery and Reception classes.


The key person’s responsibilities are to respond sensitively to children’s feelings and behaviours and meeting emotional needs by giving reassurance, such as when they are new to a setting or class, and supporting the child’s well-being. The key person supports physical needs too, helping with issues like toileting and dressing. That person is a familiar figure who is accessible and available as a point of contact for parents and one who builds relationships with the child and parents or carers.  Our aim is to


·         Help your child become familiar with the setting

·         Create a calm and warm atmosphere for your child

·         Talk to parents to ensure your child’s needs are being met

·         Participate in small ‘Key Worker’ group sessions


Through transition and working together as a team your child will already be familiar with staff in Nursery and Reception classes before they begin school and have started to form relationships with their key person. Your child’s key person in Nursery will be the Nursery Teacher or Nursery Nurse. In Reception your child’s key person is their class teacher.


As a team we share information about each and every child across Nursery and Reception. Your child’s teacher is still responsible for their development and progress throughout their time within their class. The teacher will continue to meet the needs of each individual child, planning for your child’s interests and needs ensuring that progress is being made across all areas of the curriculum, taking all adult experiences with your children into account. This includes your own knowledge of your child’s development.


If you would like further information about what and who is a key person in our Foundation Stage please speak to Miss Wiggins our Foundation Stage Lead who will be pleased to help.

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