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Health, Medicines and Illness



The School Nurse checks hearing, eye sight and weight at selected stages. All children receive a full medical examination during their first year at school.

Unfortunately the Authority do not provide a check on hair cleanliness any more, so we ask parents to be vigilant on this matter and make regular checks on your own child’s hair. Any advice you need on this can be obtained at the Health Centre or Clinic.



For obvious reasons children are not allowed to bring medicines into school. 

If your child needs to have an inhaler, we have a procedure to cover this. At Key stage 1, children keep one inhaler in class and one in the medical cupboard. Children are free to use them as required.

At Key stage 2, children are responsible for their own medication and are expected to carry their inhalers with them at all times, especially if participating in P.E. and swimming. They are also required to keep one in the medical cupboard.

Children must have the necessary medications (inhalers, epipens, allergy medications etc) with them in order to take part in sports, extra-curricular clubs or educational visits.



Minor accidents, such as grazed knees, can be dealt with without troubling parents. However, should your child become ill or have a more serious accident, it is important that we are able to contact you. To do this we need an up to date contact form with your address and two telephone numbers. Please keep us informed of any changes in writing as we have had problems in the past when people have changed telephone/mobile numbers and not notified us of the change.

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