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Here are some of the things we can do to keep healthy

The children in Key Stage 1 and Reception classes had a great discussion with Mr Quigley during assembly on ways to promote healthy living. We agreed that eating healthy foods is so important especially during our lunch time when we can taste a range of healthy foods and bring in healthy packed lunches. The children suggested lots of foods that can keep us healthy. We spoke about ways in which children can be unhealthy, for example eating the same meal like chicken nuggets and chips every night. We agreed that this was not good and that we need a balanced diet.


Exercising regularly is also important. This means that we should try and exercise as much as possible rather than always playing on our Ipad or games consoles. We discussed lots of activities that we can take part in or do in order to exercise.


Finally we discussed the importance of having a happy attitude and the importance of coming into school with a smile on our faces. This means going to bed early on time and getting up in the morning with enthusiam.


Perhaps you can discuss with your child on ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle in our school or at home.

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